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Service & Restoration Fee

When purchasing your ticket(s), you may have noticed that additional fees were added to the ticket price. These fees apply to all tickets sold through the WY&CC Box Office and assist in off-setting the cost of the venue's ticket provider ( and credit card processing.

In addition, the Wicomico County Council created a 5% Restoration Fee in 2008 with the purpose of preserving the longevity of the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center. This plan is funded by:

Funds generated are placed in an interest-bearing and capital escrow account. Funds are used to maintain and improve the venue as well as replace dated equipment.

Improving the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center can be viewed as an investment in our community's future. This commitment enables the venue to remain competitive in the marketplace and increase its marketability to event organizers. Having the ability to attract and retain events will increase the quality of top flight cultural entertainment, infuse new dollars into the economy and reduce the tax appropriation required to balance the WY&CC's annual operating budget.

Restoration Update

In 2008, the County Council adopted a plan to restore the WY&CC. The approach has two parts and is funded by an admission fee (5%), hotel room tax (1%), rental fee on non-admission events (5%) and an annual budget appropriation of $140,000. Interest generated by this account is accrued to hedge inflation.A capital escrow account (sinking fund) to pay for items where the service life can't be determined was also established. These items range in cost from $2,000 to $500,000. Examples include escalators, HVAC systems, food preparation equipment, carpet replacement, etc. The cost to fund these items over a 20 year period is $4,500,000.  General obligation bonds were sold in the amount of $2,500,000. This is in proportion to annual debt service payments and revenue generated from dedicated fees (hotel room tax, seat, and restoration fees).

The total cost of items to be paid from the issuance of General Obligation Bonds is $7,400,000. Items include remedial roof repairs, full roof replacement, Normandy Arena floor replacement & installation of utilities to support trade shows, replacement of stage, seating, corridor flooring & sky lights; exterior metal wall restoration, etc.

Improving the WY&CC can be viewed as an investment in our community's future. This commitment will make it more competitive within the marketplace as it will be recognized as the venue of choice by event organizers. Having the ability to attract and retain new events will:

Completed Projects to Date

2012/2013 Renovations

  • Refinished basketball court flooring
  • Purchased 5 new ticket scanners and computers
  • Installed strobe lights in the arena
  • Bought three new easels
  • Bought 9 new sets of patio furniture
  • Purchased 5 new computers
  • Purchased 53 new radios for communication
  • Replaced curtains and blinds in upstairs conference room
  • Purchased 4, 48" specialty tables
  • Repaired fire pump
  • Purchased uplighting and fabric for meeting rooms
  • Bought 10 slings for stagehands
  • Purchased cotton candy machine for concessions
  • Bought 60' of blow through barricade
  • Purchased 18 stanchions
  • Replaced risers, decking, frames, drapes and steps for stage
  • Purchased megaphone and anti-fatigue mats for event staff
  • Purchased riding floor machine and new fork lift

2011/2012 Renovations

  • Upgraded arena video scoreboards
  • Installed elevator door sensor
  • Upgraded Flanders speaker system
  • Purchases 850 new 8' black and 1200 3' black drapes (pipe and drape)
  • Purchased new skirting for Encore Catering
  • Purchased 4, 8x12 stage legas and 25 stage decks
  • Installed 15 security cameras
  • Purchased 3-sided balck table cloths
  • Purchased new ice cream machine for concessions
  • Added 2 additional television screens for concession menus

2010/2011 Renovations

  • New exterior and interior doors project
  • Arena Floor project
  • Purchased a new basketball floor
  • Installed new floor in the arena
  • Purchased (2) more informational monitors
  • Purchased 2 new volleyball systems
  • Bought 10 rocking chairs
  • Renovated all the restrooms within the facility
  • New ceiling tiles in the Midway Hallway
  • Upgraded all concession stand electric
  • Bought a new set of parking lot banners
  • Bought a new 42” TV with stand for AV use
  • Purchased (14) 7’ ficus trees and (6) 4’ pathos plants

2009/2010 Renovations

  • Normandy Roof Rehabilitation
  • Build a new storage shed
  • Replace 58 escalator steps
  • Re-hang speakers in the center of arena
  • New center stage rigging
  • Office A/C unit
  • Locker room A/C unit
  • Bought 15 new patio sets
  • Purchased portable white picket fencing
  • Painted hallways with a new color
  • Purchased 14 new radios
  • Purchased concession registers (5)
  • New concession equipment
  • Pizza maker
  • New concessions stand menu boards
  • New venue informational monitors (10)
  • Video boards and scoreboards for the arena
  • Purchase a used floor machine
  • Re-painted the 60’ boom lift
  • Purchased a new floor machine
  • Purchased 3 new spotlights
  • Purchased new additional arena sound equipment
  • Purchased 134 (6’) 50 (rounds) 12 serpentine tables
  • New Building Passes for the staff

2008/2009 Renovations

  • Parking lot lighting project
  • Purchased 5 computers and ticket scanning devises
  • DaNang HVAC work
  • Carpet repair in the office
  • Purchase and install new generator
  • Re-paint Flanders
  • Lobby restoration
  • Meeting room portable walls restoration
  • Paint curbs around building
  • Food service A/C unit
  • A/V equipment – portable units
  • Install Midway A/V equipment
  • Install outside speakers
  • Arena railing project
  • Replace blue chairs with new black ones
  • Paint metal exterior walls
  • Replace Flanders blinds
  • Install a dual boiler burner system
  • Purchased 68 Mity-Lite tables
  • Purchased a new stage
  • Purchased 11 new radios
  • Replace Midway stage curtains
  • Purchased a new 60’ boom lift

2007/2008 Renovations

  • Lighting and energy upgrades
  • Install fire alarm panel and pull stations
  • Re-Key the building and added a swipe card entry system
  • Purchased 25 new radios
  • Lifetime masonry repaired the arena block wall
  • Purchased 74 Mity-Lite tables
  • Installed frip drives on the Midway duct socks
  • Purchased a new fork lift
  • Purchased 2 evacuation chair lifts
  • Purchased a new POS system for our concessions
  • Renovated the maintenance break room
  • Ordered 720 new banquet chairs for the Midway and DaNang rooms
  • Purchased a 42” LCD TV
  • Purchased (12) 10’ Ficus trees
  • Installed wooden blinds in the DaNang rooms
  • Purchased 6 ticket scanners for events
  • Purchased 2 new podiums
  • DaNang Compressors
  • Financial management software
  • Changed oil/filters in boilers

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It was a success!! Everyone raved about the ceremony, the food, decorations and everything! I was so happy that everything went so well! My dean even gave me a hug! I will let you know the date for next year.

UMES Graduation

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