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Wicomico War Veterans' Memorial

Wicomico County War Memorial

The Wicomico Youth & Civic Center is itself a living war memorial, with each of its rooms named after historically important military conflicts: Normandy, Midway, Da Nang and Flanders. Outside the venue stands the Wicomico War Veterans' Memorial, erected in 2002 to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Merchant Marines. It was built entirely from donations and in-kind labor from area businesses.

The memorial flies flags from each service branch along with a United States, Maryland, Wicomico County and POW-MIA flag. The flags fly proudly over a brick wall displaying bronze plaques with the names of Wicomico County's fallen veterans from World War I to today.

Over 190 names are engraved on the outdoor memorial's bronze plaques. These fallen war heroes are listed in alphabetical order by the war in which they served.  To further preserve the memory of those lost, the War Memorial Committee actively seeks background information of each individual. Those who can share stories or offer photos are asked to call Linda Lyons at 410-548-4900 ext. 115.

To complement the outdoor War Memorial, a Veterans' Tree of Honor was added to the WY&CC lobby in 2005. Family and friends of both living and deceased veterans are invited to honor their loved ones with a visible reminder of their service – an engraved gold leaf. Leaves can be purchased for $100 by contacting Linda Lyons at 410-548-4900 ext. 115 or you can download a form.

The outside Wicomico War Veterans' Memorial and Veterans' Tree of Honor are the result of an active War Memorial Committee. The mission of the committee is to honor the armed forces from Wicomico County who lost their lives while serving the United States during war. The Wicomico War Memorial will be maintained into perpetuity to mark the sacrifice of these heroes and the high price of the freedom we share.

The Wicomico War Veterans' Memorial is open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wicomico County War Memorial Committee

  • Anthony Sarbanes
  • Ralph Cordrey
  • Bill Ferguson
  • Steve Carey
  • Leo Cherry, Jr. 
  • Don Fitzgerald
  • Dave Suiter
  • Ed Tattersall
  • Jack Lewis
  • George Vickers
  • Leonard Addis

World War I Heroes 

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  • Pvt. Samuel H. Bailey
  • Pvt. Johnnie W. Baker
  • Pvt. Herman Ballard
  • Pvt. 1c Olin H. Carey
  • Pvt. John W. Church
  • Pvt. 1c Lloyd R. Coulbourn
  • Pvt. Clarence S. Davis
  • Pvt. 1c George B. Davis
  • Pvt. Franklin A. Dick
  • Pvt. William W. Disharoon
  • Pvt. John R. Dykes
  • Pvt. Perry B. Farmer
  • Pvt. Samuel Grissom
  • Pvt. James C. Hambury
  • Pvt. 1c Herman F. Handy
  • Pvt. John W. H. Hayman
  • Pvt. George R. Hill
  • Corp. Clarence H. Hosier
  • Pvt. Paul C. Howard
  • Pvt. William J. Huston
  • Pvt. John E. Layfield
  • Clp. George S. Malone
  • Clp. Theodore McClymont
  • Pvt. Kenny J. Moore
  • Pvt. Joshua W. Parker
  • Corp. Edward M. Porter
  • Pvt. Richard A. Powell
  • Pvt. 1c Frederick D. Pusey
  • Pvt. 1c Glenn Rayne
  • Sea. Herbert H. Renshaw
  • Capt. Charles H. Riggin
  • Pvt. Walton Smith
  • Pvt. Raymond H. Smullen
  • Pvt. 1c William P. Taylor
  • Pvt. Archie W. Truitt
  • Pvt. Arthur E. Walker
  • Pvt. Harry L. White
  • Pvt. Ralph E. Windsor
  • Pvt. Wallace S. Winfree


World War II Heroes

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  • Pvt. Grover A. Abrams
  • Pfc. Ralph E. Adams
  • Pfc. Phillip G. Adkins
  • S1c. Milton G. Austin
  • Pfc. James T. Bailey
  • T/Sgt. Brenton W. Baker
  • S/Sgt. Woodrow J. Beasley
  • Pvt. James R. Belote
  • Pvt. Glen L. Bennett
  • Bm1c. Richard J. Bertin
  • AMM1c. Edward F. Booth Jr.
  • Pfc. George E. Bozman
  • 2nd Lt. Francis L. Brown Jr.
  • Pvt. James E. Campbell
  • Cpl. Gay Canfield
  • Sgt. Harry E. Christner
  • Lt. J.G. Howard F. Clark
  • Pfc. William W. Collins
  • T/Sgt. Arthur P. Crisp
  • S/Sgt. John G. Cropper
  • AOM2c. Wayne E. Cummings
  • Pfc. Robert Day
  • RdM3c. Lloyd F. Dennis Jr.
  • Pfc. Olen H. Dennis
  • WOJG. Floyd W. Deshields
  • Cpl. Harry E. Dolbey Jr.
  • Pvt. Clarence M. Doyle
  • Pfc. Earl Dryden
  • Pfc. Harold E. Dutton
  • S/Sgt. Ernest L. Esham
  • T/5. Elwood F. Evans
  • Cpl. Elton W. Farlow
  • Sgt. Hugh P. Freeman
  • LtCol. Samuel W. Freeny
  • Pfc. Rolland E. Galusha
  • 2nd Lt. Vernon L. German
  • Pfc. Wilbur H. Goslee
  • Cpl. Taylor W. Graham
  • Pvt. Henry J. Gully Jr.
  • Cpl. William S. Hartman
  • Pfc. Howard E. Hastings
  • EM1c. Richard B. Hitch
  • SM3c. William D. Hopkins
  • S1c. Lewis J. Howard Jr.
  • Pfc. Charles L. Jackson Jr.
  • Pfc. Edward L. Johnson
  • Sgt. George Kerekesh
  • M/Sgt. Curtis P. King
  • Pvt. Scott J. Lankford
  • Pfc. Alton J. Latchum
  • Pfc. William H. Layfield
  • S1c. Calvert A. Lecates
  • Pfc. George H. Lewis
  • Pfc. George H. Long
  • Pfc. Johnnie C. Long
  • S/Sgt. Howard J. Malone
  • 1st Lt. Robert R. Malone
  • Master William M. Martino
  • Pvt. Edmund L. Massey
  • ARM2c. Ralph C. McCain
  • Messman William C. Messick
  • Pfc. Oland G. Mills
  • Pvt. Thomas W. Mitchell Jr.
  • PhM3c. Marion Moore
  • Pfc. Norman W. Morris
  • Pfc. Stanley W. Morris
  • Pfc. Carlton L. Mumford
  • S/Sgt. William C.Mumford Jr.
  • Pvt. Harry Neill
  • Pvt. Phillip J. Neptin
  • Ens. Walter P. Nock Jr.
  • StM2c Julius Nutter
  • Pfc. Thurman F. Parker
  • Cpl. William V. Parker
  • ARM1c. Willis A. Parker
  • Pfc. Andrew B. Perdue
  • Pvt. Harold D. Perry
  • AOM2c. Samuel H. Poulson
  • QM3c. James R. Powell
  • Pvt. Otho T. Powell
  • Pfc. Albert G. Price
  • 2nd Lt. John T. Price
  • Pfc. William E. Rapp
  • T/Sgt. Robert E. Rencher
  • Pfc. Herbert L. Ruark Jr.
  • Sgt. Ralph L. Ruark
  • 2nd Lt. Elmer G. Schantz
  • S/Sgt. Clifford H. Smith
  • Pfc. Edwin F. Smith
  • Pfc. Albert G. Smullen
  • 1st Lt. David L. Somervell
  • S/Sgt. Harley A. Spear Jr.
  • Pfc. Donald G. Taylor
  • Pvt. Herbert Taylor
  • Pfc. John H. Taylor
  • Pvt. James E. Thomas
  • Pfc. Paul E. Tingle
  • S1c George W. Townsend Jr.
  • Pvt. Edward F. Truitt
  • Sgt. James R. Truitt
  • Pvt. Alden L. Tyrrell
  • Sgt. Bertram L. Ware
  • 2nd Lt. Lacy R. Westfall
  • Pfc. Wallace R. White
  • Pvt. Alvin K. Wilkins
  • Pvt. Benton M. Wilkins
  • Pfc. Louis W. Williams
  • S2c. Charles L. Young
  • Capt. Charles M. Zulick


Korean War Heroes

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  • Pvt. William Anderson
  • Pvt. Richard L. Bacon
  • Pfc. Nehemiah E. Butler
  • Pfc. Allen D. Dashiell
  • Lt. (JG) Joseph H. Gollner
  • Sgt. Rodney E. Johnson
  • MSgt. John F. Parker
  • Pfc. Edward F. Richards
  • Pfc. Phillip C. Skiles
  • Pfc. Freemon C. Waller


Vietnam War Heroes

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  • SP4. Barrie V. Barnes
  • Pfc. Gary L. Bounds
  • Maj. Richard W. Cooper Jr.
  • Pvt. Elmer N. Davis
  • SP4. William J. Daubert
  • S/Sgt. Cecil V. Evans
  • Pfc. Aaron M. Hopkins
  • Pvt. Marion B. Hughes Jr.
  • Cpl. Frederick R. Killmon
  • Col. Ernest A. Olds
  • A1c. Norman W. McRobie
  • Pfc. William T. Parker III
  • S/Sgt. Charles W. Parsons
  • Cpl. Norman J. Pearson
  • S/Sgt. George T. Powell
  • WO. Millard E. Price Jr.
  • SP4. Carl Ratcliffe Jr.
  • S/Sgt. George L. Robertson
  • Pfc. David S. Seldon
  • LCpl. Don L. Shockley
  • Pfc. Jack H. Smith
  • Cpl. Harvey R. Watson
  • Sgt. Neopolis Wigfall
  • SP4. John D. Willingham


Enduring Freedom War Heroes

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  • S/Sgt. Walter F. Cohee III
  • SGM Wardell Turner


Iraqi Freedom War Heroes

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  • Cpl Eric Caldwell
  • Pfc. Robert A. Guy
  • Sgt. Thomas L. Latham
  • S/Sgt. Michael McMullen
  • Cpl Sean Michael Mitchell


Memory Tree

  • Abbott, Keith K.
  • Abercrombie, Daniel W.
  • Adams, Howard
  • Addis, Leonard J
  • All Veterans by Carey
  • All Who Served by DP&L
  • Antinori, Frank
  • Arbogast, Charles P.
  • Austin, Milton G.
  • Baker, Manford
  • Barger, James
  • Barnes, Rome
  • Beahm, Harvey
  • Beauchamp, Lee T.
  • Beauchamp, Norris C.
  • Blades, Thomas
  • Bowden, Thomas W.
  • Boyce, Arthur
  • Bozman, George E.
  • Brittingham, Jack M.
  • Brohawn, Howard N.
  • Browhan, Howard N.
  • Brown, Herman
  • Brown, Wilmer
  • Bryant, Charles D.
  • Bubas, Alexander J.
  • Budd, James "Kinsey"
  • Bunney, Robert H.
  • Butler, Charles
  • Byrd, William J.
  • Caldwell, Eric
  • Caldwell, Eric Thomas
  • Campbell, George O.
  • Campbell, George W.
  • Campbell, James E.
  • Carew, Milton
  • Clark, Charles H. Sr.
  • Clement, Eugene R.
  • Coffman, William
  • Cohee, Walter F. Jr.
  • Cohee, Walter F. Sr.
  • Cohee, Walter F. "Trae"
  • Collins, Nathan
  • Cooper, Freddie
  • Crowson, James A.
  • Darby, Marvin Cooper
  • Dashiell, Charles R.
  • Davis, Edgar V.
  • Davis, Edgar W.
  • Dennis, Charles H.
  • Deutsch, Timothy N.
  • Dix, William Stokely
  • Donaway, Guy
  • Donaway, Otis
  • Dorr, Francis X.
  • Dotson, William W.
  • Downes, Vernon
  • Dudderar, Raymond
  • Dunn, Oscar S.
  • Dunt, Robert S.
  • DuPont, Ronald C.
  • Elliott, Robert M.
  • Elliott, Rufus
  • Ellis, Howard
  • Ellison, Thomas
  • Ennis, Joseph J.
  • Era, James L.
  • Esham, Larry W.
  • Evans, George H.
  • Evans, William C.
  • Field, James C.
  • Fisher, Walter W.
  • Fitzgerald, Donald
  • Fleet Reserve
  • Fleur, Charles L.
  • Freeman, George R.
  • Frey, Henry
  • Gale, Crawford "Billy"
  • Garrison, Roy L. (Jr.)
  • Geary, Herb (III)
  • Geary, Herb (Jr.)
  • Gibbons, Ernest J. , Jr.
  • Gray, Harold E.
  • Grier, David A.
  • Guthrie, George E. (Jr.)
  • Guy, Robert A.
  • Hall, Charles Edward
  • Hall, Paul
  • Hall, Phillip
  • Hambury, Robert A.
  • Hamilton, David C.
  • Hammond, Arlie J.
  • Hancock, Bruce A.
  • Hayman, H. Graham
  • Hazel, David
  • Hazel, Jack
  • Hazel, Joe
  • Hazel, Richard
  • Hazel, Robert
  • Hearn, John W.
  • Hearthway, Lester Vincent
  • Hearthway, W. Edward
  • Hennesey, Kenneth
  • Holt, Frank R
  • Hooper, Charles Edward
  • Hooper, Ralph Patrick
  • Hooper, Walter Scott
  • Hooper, William A. (Jr.)
  • Hughes, Charles (Jr.)
  • Humphreys, Leonard
  • Hurlock Post 243
  • Huston, G. Luther
  • Ilczuk, Alex
  • Jackson, Lawrence
  • Jefferson, Alvin T. Jr.
  • Johanson, Earl W.
  • Jones, Arthur "Deacon"
  • Jones, Leroy C. "Buck"
  • Jones, Robert R.
  • Kayser, Gary
  • Kelly, Alvin L.
  • Kelly, Robert H.
  • Kempke, Norman D.
  • Langrall, H. Orland (Jr.)
  • Latham, Tommy Lee
  • Layfield, J. Carroll
  • Layton, Joseph Haddaway
  • Layton, Robert
  • Lemon, Donald M.
  • Lemore, Aurtis C. "Wink"
  • Lewis, Gary
  • Lewis, Jack P.
  • Lewis, Jason T.
  • Lewis, Lloyd W.
  • Lipsett, Wayne E.
  • Loera, Emilio
  • Mackes, Scott
  • MacPherson, Edward L.
  • Maddox, Robert
  • Maddox, William
  • Maloney, John F. (III)
  • McAllum, William D.
  • McCallister, Robert
  • McCune, B. & Taylor, C.
  • McGrath, Thomas
  • McKee, Frances
  • Mears, Ronald
  • Messick, Eugene
  • Messick, Samuel S. (Jr.)
  • Miller, Alfred N.
  • Mitchell, Harry
  • Mitchell, Sean M.
  • Moon, Thomas
  • Moore, William
  • Morris, Charles J.
  • Morris, Charles J., (Sr.)
  • Morris, Ronald W.
  • Morris, Wayne K.
  • Moskowitz, Jerry
  • Moultrie, Fred
  • Mulvey, Michael P.
  • Mumford, Walter
  • Murray, Arthur B.
  • Murray, Ralph
  • Newberry, Roy Fred
  • Nibblett, Henry S.
  • Nibblett, Orville C.
  • Nibblett, Orville F.
  • Nichols, Edward
  • Nohe, Charles
  • Obenschain, Philip
  • Olson, Stephen J. (Jr.)
  • O'Neill, George F.
  • Outen, Randolph G.
  • Parsons, Clarence
  • Parsons, Richard
  • Pascarella, Edward A
  • Payne, Glen A.
  • Pearson, Jimmy
  • Phillips, Bryan
  • Phillips, Charles "Fendly"
  • Phillips, E. Carlyle
  • Pollitt, Carl W.
  • Pollitt, J. Robert
  • Porter, Alan "Tex"
  • Porter, J. K.
  • Powell, Grant
  • Powell, Grant E. Sr.
  • Powell, Ray E. Jr.
  • Purnell, Howard
  • Rapp, Kenneth
  • Recker, John F.
  • Richardson, Vaughn E
  • Riley, Hugh Jackson
  • Ruark, Russell E.
  • Rydzewski, Casme
  • Sarbanes, Spyros P.
  • Sarbanes, Anthony S.
  • Scholl, Daniel M.
  • Schwartz, Charles F.
  • Seidel, Sheldon
  • Sellers, Eddie
  • Sewell, Donald C.
  • Sexton, Thomas
  • Shaver, Edwin Felton
  • Sheller, Garrett
  • Sherman, Ellsworth
  • Shockley, Albert R.
  • Shockley, David G.
  • Shockley, Gorman W.
  • Shockley, Jas. A.
  • Skelton, John
  • Skelton, John
  • Skinner, Robert O.
  • Smith, David W.
  • Smith, Ernest C.
  • Smith, Ralph H. "Buzz"
  • Snee, Martin F.
  • Snee, Thomas
  • Snee, William H.
  • Snezek, James H.
  • Spear, Harley A. (Jr.)
  • Spicer, Don Edward
  • Stein, David Michael
  • Sterling, John
  • Sterling, Tony R. (Jr.)
  • Stevens, Allen
  • Strudwick, Nash
  • Sutliffe, Richard
  • Tattersall, Edward W. (Sr.)
  • Tattersall, James F
  • Taylor, Frances "Boots"
  • Taylor, Gary Alex
  • Taylor, Robert James
  • Timmons, Calvin H.
  • Tobat, Frank
  • Travers, Chester
  • Trice, Edward A.
  • Truitt, Billy Wayne
  • Truitt, Charles (Jr.)
  • Truitt, Gordon
  • Turano, Francis
  • Tyler, George W.
  • Vach, Richard J., Sr.
  • Vandegrift, Roger (II)
  • Vandiver, C. Michael
  • Vickers, Barry W.
  • Vickers, George A.
  • Vickers, John E.
  • Vickers, Robert
  • Walker, Arthur E.
  • Walker, William C.
  • Walsh, John R.
  • Warren, Jesse B. Jr.
  • Waters, Howard
  • Watson, Cecil Edward
  • Weatherly, Gilbert A.
  • Webb, Joseph D.
  • Webster, Robert L.
  • Weitzel, Gordon
  • White, Bradford
  • White, Tyrone Arlanda
  • Whitmore, Charles A.
  • Wicomico Post 64
  • Widgeon, Robert (Sr.)
  • Wilkins, Charles W.
  • Wilkins, Wallace
  • Williams, Philip D.
  • Wilson, Michael L.
  • Windsor, Ralph E.
  • Winfree, Dennis
  • Womack, William
  • Wood, William R.


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